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‧ ZOME ? ‧

Zome is a geometrical form composed of double spiral rhombs. It's a natural development that finds itself and resonates in the living worlds around us.
Present in the mineral, plant and animal kingdom, in the infinitely large and infinitely small, zome is a harmonious form because full of life.
From the cube, one of these simplest shapes, to the more complex and faceted zomes, the shapes are diverse and the applications many.
Their development for harmonious living spaces is exceptional on many plans!


Zomes have a crown of 3.4.5,…, ∞ rhombs at their summit, we will talk about zomes 3.4.5,…, ∞. It's their dimensional number.
The zomes of the same dimension can be pointed and narrow, more plump or well-splayed; It depends on the shape of its first rhomb, a true cornerstone.
It's their number or vibratory ratio.

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Zome is a vibratory persistence, it creates torus of energies that galvanize interior and environment.
The zome is round and square, cosmos and earth, it balances and center. The zome is harmony!
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