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Harmonizing is to act in conscience. Perfect and sacred action in one here and now. Recording a volume is an act of differentiation, a border that delineates external and internal boundaries. Recording a volume is an act of creation, a world, an experiment. Harmonious creation goes as follow: meet the whole, establish the right middle of the zome, from the center create the earth-cosmos axis, then bring the zome in this dimension finding its perfect note.
In this dual world, the zome connects cosmic and telluric energies, it is the synthesis of a vertical action and a horizontal expansion. The zome is a balance of rounds and squares, feminine and masculine. The zome is 2 but do 1.
In this world of vibratory energies, a zome, thought out, chosen and placed for a given time, resonates and amplifies the energies of the place by creating tori that catalyze and harmonize us with our environment.
In this multidimensional world of vibrational energies, a zome, thought out and chosen connects different planes, creates bridges. The information passes, the elevation takes place.
The world is a harmonic vibratory ensemble. A materialized zome is a vibratory persistence.