What is a zome ?

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A zome is a geometric shape composed of diamonds arranged in a double spiral. It is a form that naturally develops and is found and resonates with all the living worlds around us. Present in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom, in the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the zome is a harmonious form because it is filled with life. From the cube, one of the simplest shapes, to the more complex and faceted zomes, the shapes are diverse and the applications numerous. Their developments for harmonious living spaces are exceptional in many ways!

Zomes have a crown of 3,4,5,…,∞ diamonds at their top, we will then speak of zomes 3,4,5,…,∞. This is their dimensional number. Zomes of the same size can be pointed and slender, more pot-bellied or even well flared; It depends on the shape of its first diamond, a real cornerstone. It is their number or vibratory ratio.
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The zome is a vibratory persistence, it creates tori of energies which empowers interior and environment. The zome is round and square, cosmos and earth, it balances and centers. The zome is harmony!
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