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Hózhǫ s a key concept word of Navajo culture. Philosophically it can translate into «balance in the beautiful».
Being hózhǫ is seeking harmony with everything, being in balance in the here & now to understand its beauty.

Zome or polar zonohedron is a mathematical form to natural development. Imagine a line that rotates quickly, make it vibrate. It leaves several visual prints. The shape opens, closes, it’s a zome. Round and square, the zome reconnects to the cosmos and to the earth. It catalyzes internal and external harmonization and moves towards balance.
Being hózhǫ is the will, zome is the instrument. Hozhom is a present to this world.

My name is Guillaume Léchenet, I am passionate about zome and dedicates myself to making this magic form discover and create it in all its forms.
My path crossed the zome and the shape took me. I rediscovered the pleasure of mathematics by trying to understand what hypnotized me. The call was suddenly stronger, walk…walk… you’ll see. I dedicated myself to the zome, he guides me, moves me, opens doors, pushes to the meeting, enlarges my visions. I’m like him, round and square.
Graphic designer at first, i’ve learned traditional carpentry in order to fullfill my visions in this world